Request a contributor status to be granted by Memrise

I made a thread to request be a contributor for a course a week ago. Due to the author did not reply to me within a week, I make this thread to request a contributor status to be granted by Memrise.
Here are some information.

@MemriseSupport Can you help me, please?

@MemriseSupport Can you see that post?

I made this topic tried to contact with the course author of this course
The author’s name: Nguyễn_Lương_Triều_Vỹ
If you see this post, please consider my request to be a contributor of this course, just made this more detail or just cooler. I learnt your course been a while and get from this a lot (I am at the top of leaderboard now, btw).
@MemriseSupport I’ve just did the 1st step of this request. Please consider to me, thank you very much.
I have to make an other request if the author doesn’t reply me within a week, am I understand correctly? Of have I to make request in this topic?

@MemriseSupport Did I do it right?

Hi @Matt1411,

Thanks for your request! The steps are correct, however unfortunately we won’t be able to proceed with this at this time due to one of these reasons (Step 3).

We advise trying again in the future.

Best wishes,
Memrise team.


I created this thread: Request a contributor status to be granted by Memrise

You mean I have to wait for a month for you to process it or you can’t grant the status for me forever? Can you please explain more how can I do to be granted the contributor for that course?
It is really helps me. Thank you.

The creator is still active on Memrise, so we decided to reject the request at this time. If you wish, you can try submitting the request again in the future.

I hope this clears any confusion.


How do you know the creator is still active? You can contact to her?
Can you give me a request for her? Or give me the contact, I will contact myself.