Reporting a user for hacking/script kiddying?

I don’t know where else to put this because there’s no forum for this or no apparent way to show it. But on all of my courses, about a month ago suddenly one user appeared and topped all the leaderboards, within a week getting like 30x as many points on every course as the all time top scorers.

This user has “”“500 million”"" points across 5 different languages, and it’s really annoying and disheartening that on every single course I’m signed up to there is some cheater/hacker at the top of every leaderboard using macros or a script or however they’re doing it. I don’t even know why someone would want to cheat on memrise but it’s really annoying that someone abusing the system is visible all over the site.

Is there anything that can be done about this?

User in question:

This user has been reported multiple times before. Memrise doesn’t care, so you better just ignore him.

Here’s another post about the same guy:

The account has now been terminated and will no longer appear on the leaderboard.


Oh wow I take back my words then! I actually gave up hope after 3 months of waiting. Thank you for terminating the account!

Thanks a lot guys. Memrise staff are a lot more effective than duolingo!

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When it comes to bug reporting you usually have better success on the forums here. Also if it is something mission critical (like a billing issue or site-breaking bug) use the ‘@’ sign to tag a forum moderator. This usually helps get you under the spotlight faster.

I guess this whole thing is a sisyphean game of whack-a-mole because he’s just reregistered to the exact same courses with the same account name and done the same thing again. Top of all the leaderboards.

The only thing you can do is ignoring and hope that moderation would ban him. He has to many posts, so probability to be banned is not that big. I think he sold his account. It is a strange user because he uses very unusual ways to hack. And very ineffective. Hackers now use hashing for cracking. It is much more effective and fast way He is not a hacker, simple troll.