Repetition Algorithm Bug

Something went wrong with repetition algorithm: for certain items number of days until the next review is quite impossible. Bug affects community courses as well as official ones (first screen is official Chinese). There could be other corrupted items with much less number of days, looking normal at the first sight.

P.S. Why there’s no general web bugs thread?




It could just be a presentation bug in the screen, but Memrise engineering might have more info. I opened up five different levels, each in separate classes, and they all looked fine with the timestamps.

What do you mean by the presentation bug in the screen?

It’s not a super common bug, I have found one corrupted item per about ten courses, that is, 4-5 thousand words, more or less.

I think he meant a text glitch but the timers are working normally.
Anyway, have you encountered those words again? Or are they still counting down?

I presume you’ve restarted the level.

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Hard to tell if I saw them after reporting, one too many things to remember, but just now I’ve checked Chinese course - this item is for review in 1179179 days, so timer is working alright (211 day passed according to it). No, I haven’t restarted any of those courses.

Thanks for reporting this. I can reproduce the issue.

I’ve raised a ticket with the relevant team so they can have a look asap (internal tracking code QA-720). Unfortunately I have no timeframe for the fix but I’ll make sure to update the thread once I have any news.

Thanks for your patience