Remove my own course on the app

I try To remove my own course on the app. How can I do it? On the Website has it work, bat my course on the app has Not finished

Please see this FAQ. As I’m not sure whether I understood correctly: you need to remove courses via the web, there’s no way of doing so in the apps.

Logout and re-login on the mobile app.

This will sync the dashboard state from the server (web) and all courses with the mobile app.

Warning: I heard that offline courses (from the cache) will be deleted on logout and you have to re-download EVERY course!

That’s correct. This is particularly annoying if you have (previously) managed to download large courses (i. e. the 5000 most common words in …) as these cannot presently be downloaded anymore!
See #3 here.

Thank you. I tried it out lately. It doesn‘t work

The next step For logging out and logging back in is too risky for me. I‘m looking for more Information. Thank you for the Information