Remove euphemisms from German 6

German 6 features a number of euphemisms in the language. These euphemisms are “teaching” people the wrong words. One example is “zwei Dumme ein Gedanke”, which is translated as “great minds think alike” but literally translates as the exact opposite - “two stupid [people], one thought”. An even worse example is “rede nicht um den heißen Brei herum”, which is translated as “don’t beat around the bush” but has almost no words in common with the actual and is a reference that nobody can ever connect just by looking at it.

The presence of these phrases is not just pointless, it is actively detrimental to learning the language. Euphemisms and colloquialisms can only be taught after acquiring at least a solid mastery of conversational language, which German 6 is not. They need to be removed.

The two examples are perfectly fine IMHO. They are figures of speech and can rarely be translated word by word. Also, the official Memrise courses usually include a word-by-word-translation.

“zwei Dumme ein Gedanke” literally means that 2 people have the same idea / thought. “great minds think alike” isn’t a 1 to 1 translation, but it means the same. so completly fine.

and the other thing is even more fitting. “rede nicht um den heißen Brei herum” means exactly “don’t beat around the bush”. so 100% fitting.

i’m from germany and it is a good translation and fits well. so don’t worry… it’s correct like that.