Removal of Chatbots and Grammarbot

Hi everyone, this is a quick announcement to let you know that from 1st November 2020, Chatbots and Grammarbot will be removed from all Memrise courses, both in the app and on our website.

These features weren’t proving to be useful to most Memrise learners and they were taking up resources for us to keep supporting them properly, hence our decision to remove them.

This will allow us to redirect our efforts to build more efficient learning experiences that will help you understand and be understood in a new language as it’s spoken in the real world - so stay tuned!




To be honest, @ale_c, I don’t know what Chatbots and Grammarbots are.

On the App you have
I have ticked the ones I use and like

[Plant] Words and Phrases :white_check_mark:
Learn Grammar :white_check_mark:
Speed Review (which I do NOT use)
Difficult words :white_check_mark:
Pronunciation (which I have NOT used)
Classic Review (which I do by level not by course) :white_check_mark:
Learn with Locals (video clips) :white_check_mark:
Listening Skills (audio clips) :white_check_mark:

Is it one or two of the above?

(And if not, how do we access them?)

Chatbots and Grammarbot had already been deprecated on our new courses (e.g. Spanish 1 & 2, but they are still available on our old, unlisted courses, as well as more advanced courses such as e.g. Spanish 3 onwards.

If you’re learning our new courses, it’s likely you haven’t bumped into them. It’s also worth noting that both features haven’t been available on our mobile apps for some time now.


They’re currently still there on the iOS app for the more advanced Spanish courses.


I still wonder what they were.

I have done all the Italian courses and a few French and don’t remember seeing them.

They’re like text message dialogues:


Hi all, just an update to say this is now done. Chats are no longer accessible on our website and they will be soon removed on mobile as well with the next app update.

Should you see any issues related to this, please let me know.