Release: Grammar Sessions on Android

Beta release of Grammar Sessions on Android

We have just released new grammar sessions for select courses. This is a beta feature and we want your feedback to make it better.

We are working on improvements, including addition of level details and grammar review sessions. And we are fixing issues to improve your experience.

Grammar sessions are available for the following courses:

For UK English:
French 1
Spanish 1
German 1
Italian 1
Japanese 1
Chinese 1

For Spanish
English UK 1



I’m surprised literally no-one commented on this. As this will really benefit Memrise! Great job on thinking of yet another innovative idea Memrise! :confetti_ball:


I have now tried a few sessions on Spanish 1 and, overall, think it’s a great addition. I liked the clear explanations of the grammar rules and the variety in the tests offered. I look forward to using this feature more.

A couple of observations:

On one occasion in a typing test, I gave the correct answer and got the green arrow but, instead of seeing the inserted word turn green (as others had done), the whole phrase turned red. Similarly during one tapping test (“you fill my head with nonsense”) I chose the correct word and got the green tick but the selected word was highlighted red in the phrase (instead of green as had happened in other tests).

If we answer tests correctly, do we see the same ones again at some point in the future (SRS) or only once.

I gave a couple of intentional (!) wrong answers to see what the response would be. Is there any plan to mark wrong answers in a similar way to “difficult words”? How soon afterwards will we get re-tested on wrong answers? [Edit 1 - Coincidently, I have since done a classic review session in this course on the web version (without any errors) but it is now showing me on the course homepage that I have one “difficult word”. None were showing previously. When I try to clear it via the yellow flash button, I get “whoops, could not load the session”. When I click on the “Difficult words” button on the course homepage, it tells me that I don’t have any difficult words in this course. On the app version, it’s showing no difficult words. Not sure what may have caused this but haven’t experienced it before and don’t know how to clear it.]

[Edit 2 - On my next website visit to Spanish 1, in addition to the rogue ‘difficult word’ mentioned above, it said I had 7 words to review. When I commenced the review, it only offered me one word and, on completing that, it still said I had 7 words to review. When I clicked on the blue review button, instead of offering me the expected 7 words, it offered me a full set of 25.] Advice please @MemriseMatty .


Awesome! I canot wait for it to hit iOS aswell!

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Actually I‘m doing the German/French Courses but since there’s no grammer exercise for those I tried the exercises in the English one (1+2).

Having grammar exercises for all courses would be great. However, I’d liked to see the correct solution when I enter a wrong one in the exercise. Guessing what exactly was wrong might be difficult if someone really tries to learn a new language from the very beginning.

And I would appreciate if the phrases in the target language would have audio as well. Without the audio there is the risk to just do pattern matching with the word endings instead of concentrating on and get used to the whole phrase. So additional audio would be of big benefit.

In addition I would love to have much more different grammar exercises so that each verb gets trained with some examples instead of just some of the verbs.

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Will grammar ever be added to the Arabic courses?