Regarding Database

I have two questions regarding Database:

  1. Is it possible to change the name of a database?
  2. What is a wiki with respect to a database?

I could not find anything on the above topics.
If these had been answered before, please direct me to that discussion.

Thanks in advance,

  1. yes, but it does not matter. For ex, all my databases for Spanish, let’s say, have now a common name chose by myself. However, there is no database communication between my courses, despite me trying to have a common database

  2. i never understood that very well, why “they/some” call it “wiki”, I assume is the common pool of entries (of all courses)

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You can change a database’s name by going into the database editor and clicking the name in the upper-left.

Wikis are basically pre-made lists of entries in the respective category that you can search through when adding items to your course. The most useful thing to me about using one was being able to import mems that had been previously made for those entries. Furthermore, any mems that were later made in your course would also show up in other courses that had imported that same entry.

However, they removed this feature a while ago, so mems are no longer imported when using entries from the wiki. Audio and alts are also imported sometimes, but I more often than not ended up replacing them with my own, so I have since stopped using the wikis altogether.

Going by this post, I wouldn’t expect wikis to stick around at all much longer anyway, personally.