Refund Request (Automatically charged a day early?)

Hi @MemriseSupport or @MemriseMatty

This is related to Conversation ID: #48607 I made through memrise support. I’m just not sure that I will be getting a further reply from the response I got.

Could you help me out on a refund request? I had a recurring pro subscription from Jul 11 and I aimed to cancel on Jul 10, 2019 (today). However, very early at 7AM today, I got a notification that I was charged automatically for the following year already before I got a chance to cancel.

I went ahead and cancelled the subscription anyway and it is reflected on my user profile (that I will only have pro status until tomorrow) but I don’t know if the refund is already in process (as I was already charged). says that I have no eligible subscriptions for refund at this time.

Hi @Kaiser_Co89,

As confirmed in our previous conversation, our records show that the amount was authorised by Google, but you weren’t charged as the subscription had been cancelled before it could renew.

Please note that for recurring subscriptions, Google can pre-authorise your form of payment up to 72 hours before your subscription or free trial is supposed to renew, but won’t actually charge you until the renewal date -

If you see a pending transaction on your payment method, the amount will be reversed soon. For further assistance regarding this, we advise getting in touch with Google Play directly.

I hope this helps. Thanks for trying Memrise. :slight_smile:

Best wishes,
Memrise team.