Refund my money please

I’m massively unimpressed that I’ve had to come and create an account in here just so I can ask you to refund the money you unexpectedly just debited from my bank account. I’ve never used your service, I’ve never had an account with you (until 1 minute ago), I have no recollection of ever authorising you to take money from my account, and I certainly didn’t receive any warning that you were going to do this.

Not only have you taken money for nothing in this devious way, but you’ve made it extremely hard for me to contact you to correct the issue.

I’ve never used your service. I never want to. I don’t want to pay for a year of something I’ll never use. I don’t currently have a working laptop or pc to use to process a refund request, and I am unaware of a username to log in with anyway, since until this moment I’ve never had an account with you.

Will you pretty please just bloody well do the right thing and refund my $96?

And do you REALLY need to use people’s real names as their publicly-viewable user names? Unbelievable!!! A choice would have been nice, or at least the ability to change it. :rage:


Thanks for reaching out.

We have responded to your email, asking for further details so that we can locate this payment. Please get back to us on there when you can.

Users are welcomed to choose their own usernames, which can be altered in profile settings.

Kind regards,
Memrise team