Refund, automatic refund

my subscription automatically renewed today without any prior warning. I no longer use Memrise, and I would like to request a refund. Upon finding out, I have cancelled my subscription in the app, which now says it will be active until Apr 20 2021 (today). However, I have also received an text message from bank that my account paid for subscription on Apr 19 2021 (yesterday). I can’t go to get contact form as the page comes up with a message that I can’t reach the web

So I how can I contact Memrise to get refund

Thank you in advance for your help.

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I’ll tag @MemriseSupport for you, they’ll be able to help.


Hi @hvanh1909,

Sorry for the confusion.

According to our records, the amount was authorised by Google, but you weren’t charged as the subscription had been cancelled before it could renew.

Please note that for recurring subscriptions, Google can pre-authorise your form of payment up to 24 hours before your subscription or free trial is supposed to renew, but won’t actually charge you until the renewal date - Subscribe to services or content - Computer - Google Play Help

If you see a pending transaction on your payment method, the amount will be reversed soon. For further details regarding this, we advise getting in touch with Google Play directly.

I hope this helps. Thanks for trying Memrise and happy learning with the free plan.

Best wishes,