Refund 1 day before subscription renewal

Hello fellow memrisers.

My signature is due tomorrow (19/12/19), but I was charged today for the renewal, I wasn’t aware that the subscription would be renovated automactly. I immediately canceled my subscription and therefore, as far as I understood, am eligible for a refund, but when I enter the /refunds page, I get a message that I’m not eligible for a refund.
Who to solve this ASAP?

Best Regards to all.

I’ll tag @MemriseSupport, they should be able to assist.

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Hi @EduardoMorbeck, we checked our records and can see we have got back in touch with you via email this morning regarding your subscription cancellation. Please don’t hesitate to get back to us there if there’s any more we can do to help :slight_smile:

Best wishes,
Memrise Team

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