Reduced Streak

I had a streak of 790 on my 400 Words of TOEFL course, but yesterday it got reduced to 97! It would be a shame to lose such streak. Is it possible to fix it somehow?

I have noticed this as well. I had a best streak of 331 days, but now it counts down every day. That doesn’t make sense. Your best streak time (from the past) should count down. I think this is a bug.

Hi there! that doesnt seem right!

May I have your usernames please, we would like to check that



My nickname is Plat_

Hi Plat!

I’ve just had a look at your data in the database and the lists of days you acheived your goal goes back to 2018-06-11, and adds up to 736 which is your current streak. Is it displaying correctly now?

Where did you see 790 displayed, on web or in the mobile app? When was your streak shown as being that long (recently or a while ago)?

We’re looking into why your streak showed as 97 for a while. Can you say which device you saw that number on?

Thanks for your help!

And hi Jarofclay! The best streak is a separate feature, part of the web learning statistics feature.

We’re looking at how to improve that, but the main course streak is our priority right now.


As of now, the streak is still 98.
I only see my streak on Android, never saw the feature on PC.
With the number 790, I just mixed up the numbers, I only remembered it was above 700 something! :smiley:


Same here on my account - streak of over 1800 days reduced to 89 days…

Congratulations on those long streaks.

Mine is still at 100 (the maximum I could get on a small course), but I have a continuous daily attendance record of some 5 years or more - but the log only shows 365 days.

BTW the Rank bug on Android still exists, but it does dissapear when I go to another page and come back.


My streak on SAT Comprehensive reduced from 169 days to 1 after updated the App via Google Play on last Saturday. Can you help to recover? Thanks

Hi there @nehemiahloo,

I don’t think you need to or should publish your email address - the above is sufficient.
(Perhaps you should remove it now. They can always send you a private message if they need it.)

Secondly does the problem still persist?
ie is it a low count our has it corrected itself?

Can @memrisesupport help?

Hi! Thanks but unfortunately Memrise. Once streak is lost, they have no way to recover it. I wonder do they have daily backup. If yes, then they should able to restore the day before data. I did post this question to them but they didn’t answer