"Record" button does nothing at all on Decks, but now works on Memrise

(Saesnes Gymraeg) #1

Fun stuff! So now, in Decks, the ‘Record’ button doesn’t work when I want to record my audio. Nothing happens at all, no error, no nothing. Tried in both Chrome and Firefox. However, I went over to Memrise to see if course creation had been re-enabled over there, and it had; recording there still only works in Firefox, however, not Chrome or IE.

Perhaps the button is disabled in Decks because someone is working really hard on a new and improved recording tool that works properly for all browsers and they don’t want it being mucked about with while they’re working on it? crosses fingers

(Amanda Norrsken) #2

Are you sure about that? From my recent experience, you can add audio files and edit existing community courses on the memrise web version, but you can’t create new courses; that is only possible on the Decks website.

There have been posts appearing here on a daily basis complaining that course creation isn’t possible on the memrise website, so I would be very surprised if this had changed as it would not make sense to re-introduce it when community courses are being moved to the Decks website (and, in future, also a Decks app).

(Saesnes Gymraeg) #3

Apologies, I misspoke. I hadn’t tried to do any course editing on Memrise since Decks came out, so didn’t realise that it was a half and half situation, I’d thought editing was completely disabled over there (I clearly hadn’t read those posts very carefully). It was enabled enough that I could do what I wanted, is all I meant.