Recommended courses after Dutch 1-7 is complete?

I’m going to finish Dutch 7 today! I see that there are lots of community-created courses. Any tips on which ones to check out next?

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I am enjoying this one:

I am doing it alongside the memrise courses (I am on the second course, I think) and reading a Henning Mankell book translated from Swedish into Dutch alongside three translations (which I got practically free from a bookswap service, thank goodness!).

The one after this one is here:

Then there are two 5,000 words of Dutch courses. I am going to try this new one because it offers German and English translations:

It looks pretty comprehensive in terms of translations offered and so on.

If I wanted to speak Dutch (which I don’t, really, I just want to be able to read it and understand it), I would also look for a few courses offering the irregular verbs, like this one:

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Oh, and congratulations on finishing all seven courses! I do like the lady’s voice in Dutch 1 & 2 :slight_smile:

so are you done with Swedish?

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Thanks very much, @amanda-norrsken! I’ll try the 1,001 words starting tomorrow!

Oh, and congratulations on finishing all seven courses!

Thank you so much! Took me about 4 months! :slight_smile:

I do like the lady’s voice in Dutch 1 & 2

I agree!

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so are you done with Swedish?

Uhhhhh… not sure if you’re kidding or not here :slight_smile: Maybe I’ll tackle Swedish next! :slight_smile:

Nah, still working on my Swedish, but mostly just going through the 8,000 Most Common Swedish Words courses and improving the definitions. I usually get about 90 - 100% accuracy on the first 3,000 now, so I am pretty happy with that.

I mostly read Swedish these days, not so much vocabulary work.


Nice, is your goal to learn all the north and west germanic languages?

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Not really, but who knows??? :smiley:

I really want to try a Romance language next. I had French at school and later learnt some Spanish and a teeny-tiny bit of Italian, so Portuguese is also on my list. The latter language has the advantage of sounding a lot nicer than Dutch, that’s for sure :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Although I must confess that Dutch is a fun language to learn for me and it has some really lovely words that make me smile, like “winkelen” for “to go shopping”, for example.

When I discovered as a teenager camping in France with my family that Dutch kids could speak really really good English, it became my secret plan to learn Dutch one day. I dreamt of learning Dutch perfectly without ever stepping foot in the country and then just turning up and seeing people’s faces when I said that I was English, but spoke flawless Dutch :smiley:

Now I would like to do that with Swedish, but I am looking forward to being able to understand spoken Dutch. I can already read it fairly well; if you have German and Swedish in your repertoire, a lot of the vocabulary is not too difficult to guess.

What about you? Any other language plans?


Good luck with the latin languages. I could never understand spanish. Dutch is sandwiched between English and German, so I would not be surprised if you picked up on it really fast. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have been learning Plattdeutsch and Bayerisch very slowly. My Austrian really helps with Bayerisch, but it is still strange to me. Grammar is easier in Bayerisch. For one, the past tense does not exist. lol.

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