Recommended Arabic Courses

I recommend these Arabic courses:
Madina Arabic Book 1
Learn Basic Arabic
Do you know any other Arabic Courses?

1 Like was great for learning the alphabet, vowels and other markings, and how they go together. After taking that course, I’m able to at least sound out any Arabic that has all the markings, and make a reasonable guess even when it doesn’t, so it’s great preparation for taking any other Arabic courses. is a nice bit of intro vocabulary. It doesn’t go very far, but it focuses on useful common words. I keep reviewing it now mainly so I get a second perspective on how some of these words sound.

@Ibrahim.Shakoor’s is amazing. I was actually learning Arabic from it, not just vocabulary. If I get back to really doing that course, I think it would give me the basics of the language.

It’s also one of the main inspirations for my own Hebrew course, since it gave me a lot of ideas of how a course can effectively teach vocabulary and introduce you to the basic grammar and common phrase structures of a language.


@cos, thank you so much.

I also recommend Basic Arabic and Madinah Arabic. I am also learning them.:slight_smile:

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I really recommend this book.

Its for Arabic verbs, and it is well known…

For me, the best Arabic course for absolute beginners is the “Arabic with Ease” book, hands down!

It teaches you the alphabet little by little, at the same time as you learn the first sentences and vocabulary. It is great on all dimensions, easy to read while you learn the fundamentals (including the grammar!) without even noticing. Listening and repeating the audio is a great practice, they’re very easy at first and become very gradually longer and more sophisticated. As a learning tool, it is almost self-sufficient - but don’t forget you still need an Arabic speaker with whom to practice your skills and pronunciation.

Once you’ve reached lesson 50 (out of 77), you can start completing your study with another tool. That’s when Memrise becomes relevant. If you’re serious, you should start with the Frequency vocabulary.

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I have made a course Gateway to Arabic book 1:

I work with mostly Iraqi arabic speakers. Will the arabic course here help me or it is it a different dialects?

I’m reading an Arabic version of a popular book called Qasas an-Nabiyeen for children (قَصَصُ النَّبِيِّيْن لِلأطْفَالِ) and the course : “Qasas an-Nabiyeen Vol 1 - no typing” is excellent. You do need basic Arabic otherwise you may struggle a little.

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