Recommendations on which course(s) to follow after French 7

I am halfway through the official French 7 course and I was wondering if any of you have been in the same situation and can recommend a few community courses to do after I’m done with the official ones. It seems a lot of the community courses are aimed at beginners…

Thanks beforehand!

You can do Intensive French Immersion Course, I also did it after learning french and now I can speak french fluently, I saw this course on back to school Coupons at Reecoupons, because they are offering much discount on this course, if you wanna do than check there, many other courses are still available there, go select according to your interest.

Two I can recommend:

  • 5000 Most Common French Words - this course’s vocabulary is very accurate and includes loads of mems and additional tips.
  • Dirty French Slang - I’m actually the present admin of this course (someone else created it) and I do think that there’s quite a few words that I’d never use and where I doubt they are being used all too much, but this course definitely boosted my conversational French, both for movies and when directly communicating with people in a casual environment such as a bar.

And if you’d like to also get to know more slang with a bit of Verlan (= youngsters’ speak):