Recommendations for improvement

(面包男人) #1

I use your application a lot to memorize Mandarin characters and learn listening as well as a bit of basic speaking, and reading. I am extremely happy with this tool, thanks. These suggestions apply to

  1. Mandarin
  2. web interface (not an app).
    …but may fit with other courses, too. These are not errors or bugs. I will keep a big list of recommendations for improvement and hope you haven’t heard them all before, for later upload :slight_smile: Here are some before I forget.

Some of these things are minor, but I know every little bit can help when they benefit lots of people.

  1. Forum for us to suggest improvement. I see general discussion, and bug reports, but nothing for suggestions.
  2. When I answer wrong in Speed review, highlight correct answer and say it verbally, keep displayed for briefly, maybe. I understand there may be an inherent issue with a delay during a speed review and it may not be acceptable.
  3. After an answer in some modes, the Chinese character is sometimes not displayed, or other information not displayed. There is very useful info displayed but sometimes something is missing, and I understand it may be system limited as to what can be shown, but it could be nice to have three things at the end of an answer: mandarin character; pinyin, English answer.
  4. Have a link where we can do a popup on another browser tab that has a link to a web page with a definition but also some sentence examples. This is a ‘nice to have’ that’s really not at the core functionality but could add a great layer. The info is just sitting out there on the web in various places. I know there are complexities like making sure a website has valid info and web pages etc. Just a thought.

Best wishes