Recommendations for course closest to Libyan Arabic?

Hi all, I’ve been using the Memrise Arabic level 1 course and am finding that my friend who I would like to speak to seems to find some of the expressions kind of strange. I’m also thinking it would be better to move to Decks because the colours/web design there is less eye-wrenching. I also started the basic Arabic vocabulary I course in Decks and I like it, but I am not sure what dialect it’s teaching (MSA?) and I’m running into some bugs with the Arabic and English getting mixed up - posted about it in the decks bugs but maybe I should have posted it here, not sure.

I was wondering if anyone can recommend what would be the best course in memrise or decks to be able to speak conversationally at a very basic level with a speaker from Libya? It’s hard for me to know how similar or different the different dialects would be…I want to assume that Egyptian would be pretty close but is that a fair assumption? I have no idea. I especially would like to learn a pronunciation that would sound not too weird to him.

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