Recommend a course for B2/C1 French

There are a lot of French courses with the word “advanced” in their title, but it is hard to know what exactly is meant by that.
I used to live in France, working and socialising mostly in French for three years, and I still occasionally read French novels or newspapers and watch French TV for old times’ sake.
I always got by, but my expression was always stilted and my comprehension slow compared to my native speaking peers. Though I have never taken a formal test, I guess that I am B2-C1 level in most of the EHRC key competences, maybe a bit higher for reading comprehension since that has always been the skill I’ve practised most.
I’m looking for a course to help me get off that plateau I’ve been on basically for the past 15 years.
Which one would best fit the bill? Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

I guess your French is quite a bit better than mine (I’d consider myself between B1 and B2), but here’s a few EN-FR courses that I have been working on or that are on my list:

Quite advanced IMHO, mainly figures of speech:

Advanced in my opinion, could be to easy for you (I’m only a third through the course):

Haven’t worked on this one yet, but there are many words that I haven’t come across (and this course contains >5k words!):

Looking forward to seeing more/other recommendations - happy learning!

Thanks for the suggestions, I will give these a try. (It is, of course, always possible that I am overestimating my level anyway).

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