REALLY MISS THE OLD DESIGN. Why did this happen?

The new design is absolutely terrible. It is utterly confusing to me, why anyone would want to replace the beautiful (now gone) design of the website and the app* by THIS. But mostly: Why change it at all?
I used to love the space theme during my two years as a subscriber, I loved the colours, nice icons… I recommended memrise to several people, emphasizing how very pretty it was.
And whatever happened to Ziggy?**
Please, pleaase, people. Change it back. Or give people the chance, to choose between designs. Or something. Anything.

*(since i saw the monsterous outcome of the update on my bf’s phone, luckily I personally haven’t updated the app yet, conserving it’s former glory as long as apple allows me to)
**poor Ziggy. Please, bring her back!