Real voice or text to speech, robot voice

Hello everyone. I am new to Memrise and have been learning European Portuguese.

I was just wondering, is the female voice who teaches me the words a REAL human voice, like an actual person who recorded lines, or does Memrise use TTS? I feel I should also mention that I have a free account if that matters.


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Hi. I think this topic answers all your questions:

IgCostaBR, post:2, topic:29046
“… but the European Portuguese course was prepared by a native European Portuguese speaker. The audio files were also recorded by native European Portuguese speakers contractors, as far as I know.”

IgCostaBR, post:7, topic:29046
“…Also, I suggest you start taking our official courses (the “Portuguese (Portugal)” that you already have in the attached print screens). We have 7 modules and they have thousands of native-speaker audios, plus hundreds of videos with real Portuguese people saying the words and phrases taught in the course. You’ll love it! =) Obviously, you can continue studying the other one, if you prefer to.”

It answers all the questions and explains the difference of the official courses and made by the users. I will not summarize for you because I do not speak English well :slight_smile:


Hey @Milamy, thanks for that! =)

@AmRealHuman, Milamy already explained the whole thing, but just to add a point, here is the link to our official European Portuguese course, level 1:


Ignacio C.

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