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has now been restored to simplified testing (ie, pre-November Memrise), so commas and brackets will no longer pose a problem. No strict spelling either. Thanks to @colva for his help.
The remainer of my Italian courses will be restored by Saturday evening


hi @Patrizioso

I was just wondering about “spiccare”. I looked it up in la repubblica’s dictionary (which is great by the way, thanks for the tip!). You have it down as “to jump, leap”, but they don’t appear at all as translations (other than “spiccare un salto”, but the jump is mentioned in that phrase).

I wasn’t sure whether to correct by changing the translation or changing the italian word, so thought I’d pass back to you.


My ‘dizionario italiano per straniero’ (giunti) - also recommended - says that by itself it means ‘to remove, take from, take down, pick (fruit)’, syn. ‘staccare’ and the phrasal as indeed ‘jump, leap’. Maybe at both in the meme separated with semi colon in question and answer.
Thanks for your consideration, Pat

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Are these courses still active? I’ve been having trouble accessing them for quite some time.

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Yes @Jonathan1224, it is still active (and lots of people are learning it), I’ve just tried it.

It has a new icon

As with all community courses you need to find it and start it on the web then it should be listed on your home page in the App.

PS (I’ve moved our posts here which seems to be the [Course Forum] for the Newspaper course.)

PPS the other course should work too - sorry only just seen you also refereed to the two courses.

Hi @Patrizioso and @colva, you both seem to be working on this course - many thanks

I was wondering, if it would be clearer if this thread was prefixed with “[Course Forum]”?

Also as there seems to be a duplication of threads for the Newspaper course with ► this thread

Perhaps this one ought to be only for the “newspaper” course and the other just for the “Intermediate to Advance Italian”?

I am very happy (if you approve) to clarify the titles for you - but obviously I don’t want to impose my thoughts on you.

Cordiali saluti DW7