'Reading Italian Newspapers' & 'Intermediate to Advanced Italian'

I have begun the process of converting both into a simplified testing courses, which means you don’t have to pay attention to new Memrise rules about including that which is in brackets or after commas. Could contributors help out? The rest of my Italian courses will follow suit.

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Hi @Patrizioso, I’ve finally caught up with most (…) of my backlog, and could start helping out with Reading Italian Newspapers tomorrow evening. Could you let me know what you want doing to it? Thanks!

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That’s very kind. Basically any word meme that has brackets or commas in it need ‘_word’ added as an alternative. When a level is restored you add a tick to it. Do you want to work from the end of the course back (I’ve done some already and a few in between) Pat

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No problem, I’ll aim to do a few levels a day until we meet in the middle. One stupid question though - how do I type a tick?

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I don’t know. I just copy and paste from ‘tick symbol’ google search. Thanks. p

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@colva There’s now few than 20 levels left, so I could feasibly finish it off tonight. But I’m still happy to have you as a coeditor to clear up things if they occur; you might even want to add a level if you come across anything worth reading.

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Oh I was literally just about to start! Up to you, I can do it this evening or leave it to you, as you prefer (but I guess we shouldn’t both try to edit at the same time so I’ll wait til I hear back from you).

And I’m happy to stay on as a contributor, I can certainly help out with any queries or minor bugs.

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Want to make a start anyway? I’ll be with you shortly.

ok, on it, working back from the end.

Great. I’ll finish at level 350

Make that 355

Make that 300! Stanco!

Got back to 300. That was quicker than I thought. Can check all the remainder if you like?

I’ll finish at 280 now. Let me know when you’re done

done. happy to go back a bit more if you’d like to stop.

Bingo! We are done


Hi Patrizioso, thanks for the course “Reading Italian Newspapers”. I’m doing Level 25 and I just found the word 'parentato", translated as 'much feared". Are you sure this is correct? I cannot find supporting evidence in dictionaries for this translation… Treccani, for instance, says that perentato is a form of parentado, which means “legame di parentela”, “insieme dei parenti”, etc. Nothing to do with fear!

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This is what La Repubblica has to say http://dizionari.repubblica.it/Italiano-Inglese/P/parentado.php. I’ll amend likewise. Thanks for the interest.

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I clearly confused it with paventato

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