READ ME: Abandoned Course Requests

How will the review and granting process work?

Step 1 - Request to be a contributor from the course creator by starting a thread in the relevant forum area

  • If you would like to be a contributor on a course that you believe is abandoned, search for the course author in the forum, and if they are in the forum, start a thread with them in the relevant course category.
  • The course creator is free to decline your request.

Step 2 - Request to be a contributor from Memrise in the Abandoned courses forum area

  • If the course creator is either not on the forum or doesn’t reply to you within a week, you can then request a contributor status to be granted by Memrise.
  • Please start a thread here and include:
    • The name of the course.
    • A link to the course.
    • A link to the thread where you have already reached out to the course creator.
    • A couple of sentences on why you want to be a contributor.

Step 3 - Memrise reviews contributor requests

  • We’ll review requests at least once a month, sometimes more frequently.
  • If we see that a course creator has been active on Memrise in the past 6 months, we’ll decline the request since we don’t consider the course to be abandoned.
  • We’ll consider granting contributor status to users who:
    • Registered on Memrise/Decks at least 6 months ago.
    • Have been active in that time.
    • Have created at least one quality course
  • This is in order to reduce the likelihood of courses being broken by contributors.
  • We reserve the right to grant and revoke course contributors at our discretion.

Step 4 - Memrise emails the course creator

  • Providing the above requirements are met, we’ll email the course creator regarding your request
  • If the creator says no to us via email, we won’t add the contributor
  • If the creator has unsubscribed from emails from us, we can’t email them. In this situation we won’t add contributors to their course.

Step 5 - Memrise adds the contributor

  • If the creator says yes to us via email or doesn’t respond within a week, we will go ahead with adding the contributor

For more information on why we decided upon these steps, please see this thread


See also this thread.


Thanks, the updated process is now reflected here


Hi @DW7. We’re only emailing creators who have been inactive for >6 months, so I think waiting a week for them to reply is ok actually.

If it becomes an issue then happy to adjust.


Hi @MemriseMatty & @kevin5284, as some 6 weeks have passed, is there any news on when you will get a chance to look at the first requests?

Will you be posting here to update us (or perhaps with a new thread)?

And will you post on each thread requesting to become a Contributor once you have established that we can be a Contributor, to inform us?.

PS I’ve deleted two posts above to clean up this thread.

Hi - We actioned the first batch of requests roughly 23 days ago. We have notified the topic creators in the relevant threads here:

We’ll look at the next batch tomorrow (last working day of the month).

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