Re-edited entries still in custom database with old copies

I’m seeing that there are entries in the custom databases I maintain that keep around entries even if I edited these. Usually I place a hint in front of the foreign phrase, style 5-3, to remind me which audio entry to upload and after that is done I remove this English prefix. However these entries are still lingering inside the database even if I can’t see them when examining the database contents:

This is with the mobile app (iOS). I tried to remove the app, restart iOS and re-install it in case there are global caches that need to be purged but that didn’t help. Could you check into this? Might be that many other custom courses have suggestions of entries that are not accurate or has odd strings.

Hi Namdrol, forgive me not following what you mean but here are two comments:

  1. You need to delete any wrong words in the database - not the level.

  2. The old and wrong entry will show up as wrong suggestions for other words. See Phantom entries thread.
    There are laborious ways to eliminate it, but as of yet there isn’t a MemRise reset/ regenerate alternatives button.

Cc @MemriseSupport

OK, I will check the database to see if those entries are still there. Thx @DW7. I assumed the same record was used from both the course and the database but it looks like any modifications are just replicated rather than edited.

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Well, I checked the specific database and the bad entries are not there. So we are dealing with a genuine bug of edited entries’ previous versions still lingering on, either in a cache, or synchronized from some backup database and this way re-introduced, or then there’s a one-way update to a caching database that is not taking care of purged/modified entries. So Memrise back-end has to take a look at this nasty bug.

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Hi @Namdrol-Senge (please add my handle if you want me to see your reply).

Click the magnifying glass (search) top right and type in “phantom” and you will see loads of comments and possible solutions - as mentioned in item 2 above.

Thank you for the information and advice!

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