Rank and points earned never saves

I’ve been using Memrise for a few weeks now, since the new year.

Since then, despite reaching level 5 Words & Phrases: Small Talk in the course, I have been at Rank 1 with 15 points.

Every time I complete a section I get the pop up on my phone or the website that says points earned. I click “Cool, back to learning” but nothing ever changes.

To make matters worse, I recently deleted the app and reinstalled it to try and solve the issue and all of my course progress has been reset. I’m back at section 1 learning “hola”. I have no idea how I could have reset the course within the app.

Even now, I could deal with the progress reset if my Rank would grow, but despite going through a few lessons in section 1 again, I’m still stuck at 15 points.

Honestly if I wouldn’t lose my subscriber status, I would just delete my entire account and start fresh.

Note: I just started the Spanish (Mexico) course and my rank and points saved so this issue appears to be specific to the Spanish (Spain) course

It looks like there is an issue with the app syncing.

I work exclusively in the ios app so when I logged out and logged back in and none of my progress had to synced to the website, making it appear as if my progress had completely reset.

I’ve noticed any work I do on the website is recorded correctly, and I earn points accordingly and my progress is saved accordingly.

None of that progress reflects in the app unless I log out and log back in. Once I am in the app any progress that I complete stays in the app. I thought this might be because I had the course downloaded, but even if the course isn’t download the progress never syncs back.

It seems unbelievable to me, that The Memrise ios app is completely incapable of syncing progress between devices, but that appears appears to be the case.

I’ll tag @MemriseSupport for you, hopefully they can assist.

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Hi @tlawrence17,

I can see you’ve also been in touch via our support page, so we’ll follow up via email. In the meanwhile, I’ll move this thread in the bugs section.

Just to confirm, we’ve created a ticket for this issue (QA-741) and our developers will look into it asap.

If anyone else is experiencing the same or has further details to help us reproduce it, please post on this thread.

Thanks for your patience.

Best wishes,