Quitting all courses for holidays - what about courses I created?

This year when I go travelling, I want to quit all my courses and then continue when I come back 3 weeks later. Can’t believe I never did this before. Catching up 65 courses (I just counted) after holidays is always daunting.

Question: what happens if I quite a course that I created?

( I’m also worried that I will lose all progress if we fully transition to decks while I’m away. Though no web presence for our courses might just be the final nail in the coffin for me and memrise anyway. )


I’m tagging people who should be able to help …

Hi @trontsephore - as far as I know if you [just] ‘quit’ it tells you the course won’t be listed on your home page but your learning will not be lost. (Try it with one.)

So presumably when you return and start again, you’ll pick up where you left off - though hopefully without any revision (watering) which I presume you hope to avoid.

But it might be worth making the occasional visit and check your emails to avoid others thinking you have abandon the courses.

You could also add a note to the course description saying that you are away and intent to fully support again in the September 2019 (or whenever).

Is that correct @MemriseSupport?
Cc @MaxineDownunder


@MaxineDownunder / @DW7 thanks for the help.

In retrospect, and considering there are no guarantees, I think the wisest thing to do is quit all courses except the 9 I created myself. I think I can manage catching up on 9 courses out of 65.



Before you opt-out from 65 courses:
You might want to test it with one course.

You cannot really stop your personal “forgetting curve” and how your brain works.

Why should Memrise programmers have implemented it in the way that the spaced repetition “words decay” will be stopped once you have quitted courses? Sounds a bit illogical to me.

As others have already commented, the learning history won’t be erased; the course is simply removed from the main dashboard.
You can still directly access it with the direct HTTP course URL which you can save to a text file on your computer.

Personally I do not think that you can pause the SR intervals for 3 weeks…would not make any sense to me.
But give it a try as I have not personally tested this.

The other option would be to remove the streak goal from your ACTIVE courses so you can still find the other inactive/completed courses after your vacation in the specific language category on your dashboard (different filter).

Sorry, I have no real solution for you with COMPLETED courses as the streak goal is deactivated for them.

AFAIK many users are using the web “Speed review” to catch-up with a higher backlog queue if the break is quite long.

Personally I would not suggest doing this as multiple-choice (and given hints) is not truly testing your RECALLING abilities and if you really can type a word (with Cooljingle’s “all typing” Tampermonkey userscript) in the target language all by your own or correctly remember very similiar words or get possible synonyms right.
I am a fan to avoid “false Positives”.
Well, you could intentionally hit the wrong number button if you are unsure for those words :wink:

Without Cooljingle’s “Catch-Up” userscript to support “Overdueness” reviews my completed PT1-5 and “PT BR Basic” courses are currently frozen…since several months.

Sorry, I have not solved the Memrise puzzle yet how to avoid forgetting (many) all the words of COMPLETED courses which I do (can) not review weekly…

…“all typing” and 100+ word reviews takes much more time than “multiple-choice” or “speed review”.

I can clearly see it with my PT BR 6 course:
My accuracy score is much lower as I mostly do “Overdueness” reviews.
I expect that I would not be able to retain many words (specially all the longer phrases) from PT BR 1-5 official courses on a higher 80-90% accuracy.

@kevin5284 @joshua @memrisematty @daniel.zohar @diego.lopez @frabcus_memrise @MemriseSupport

I am also interested to read an official reply from the responsible Memrise analyst staff who may be able to dig deeper into the code and say how it works on a lowlevel basis or maybe what could be improved.

My wish:

They would bring back the streak goal for COMPLETED courses to assist with daily/weekly REVIEWING, including all the official 1-7 course series and Ben’s user-created “Learn PT BR Basics” and other French/Spanish/Italian basic/beginner or half-official hacking courses.

that might be true… or not.

To assume that every brain has the same learning curve for does not matter what subject, regardless of age, time of the day or night or etc etc… is insane, sorry…

also, one is the master of one´s learning, and not i do not know what algorithm.

I quit courses very often. Those i finished or i continue to work in have their links saved in the browser (I`´ll find them on decks, if decks gets usable, or not…). I come back to those courses when I so wish, if I so wish.

your own courses can be found on the “teaching” tab, even if you quit them


thanks for joining the discussion and writing about your own experiences as a Overlord.

I am trying the best to learn all the time what I could improve in my own learning approach from all of you more experienced users…you have been learning multiple languages for ages…

I am very impressed with those people who are able to move up in points that quickly on the leaderboard on a weekly basis and I all the time I notice:

I have ZERO chance to accomplish the same (to move up in the global follower leaderboard list) like any Overlords whom I follow.

Yes, I totally agree with you.

I found the blog from SuperMemo and more modern spaced repetition algorithms very interesting.

I think I need a more finer-grained SR algorithm for the short-term memory when I have recently learned words than only 4h or 12h (I can see it in a review session how bad I perform for very DIFFICULT words when those words are repeated with 3-6+ question spacing; I get them wrong, every time with “all typing”, no matter how many repeats).

I still have no clue if those 4h/12h SR words might be prioritzed on Memrise over the older words in the queue with higher SR next intervals.

We cannot divide the review queue into <=7d or <2 days and >7d like how AnkiSRS supports filtered decks

BUT: I am not always able to really do those 4h + 12h classic reviews so more SR cycles or a dynamic changing queue - like Lingvist has it - would probably be too hard to handle.

I also have to agree with you on the second point that the standard (bigger) Memrise SR next intervals do not fit me very well.

Quite often I do “over-watering” for selected courses and I clearly see that I have already forgotten several words, which Memrise does not reset even if I answer those words/phrases wrong (with typing, red marker).

So I have to agree a third time, that different SR intervals rather should IMHO apply depending on the content and how difficult words are, how each individual brain works (long-term, short-term), or how long the taught sentences/phrases actually are which I have to get right with the recalling/typing technique and if they have added enough alternative answers / synonyms.

Do you maybe know if any other spaced repetition software besides AnkiSRS or SuperMemo which would support this?

Sorry, I still have not tried SuperMemo but as I said, I was impressed with the blog and the explanation what other (more modern) implementation possibilites are nowadays given to support the above.

I had started with AnkiSRS to read into the application settings and all the possible tweakings a while ago, but wow, this can really be quite complicated (easy interval, hard error reset, handling soft error percentage resets as an alternative, addons which add buttons and directly change SR intervals, etc.) and someone might have to use different settings for different decks, e.g if I would export the official 1-5 Memrise courses to it by saving the learning history and old intervals and getting “on track” with the first Overdueness review.


Maybe a SR application is even worse when the backlog queue is full and you do not do ANY reviews (even multiple-choice, speed reviews, etc.) for a longer time as Trontsephore describes it and wants to find a workaround because of this.

I also have the feeling that I should do MORE reviews for those completed courses to prevent against the forgetting…

I don’t think Memrise have their learning algorithm so finely tuned that a three week pause on courses I’ve been reviewing for years is going to throw me off course too much. I’ve no confidence in their pedagogic techniques any more. The app and web have been considerably dumbed down over the years. The answers are pretty much on the screen every time, either in a barely concealed anagram on the web, or in a way too-easy multiple choice and the lure of the hints. I’m never forced to learn.

Oh - I missed it on first read: You touch on the exact same topic further down. I have just installed the “all typing” script, that’s a step in the right direction.

Personally I’ve never bothered trying to maintain streaks on memrise. Though I do on Duolingo because it’s one simple streak. FTR I very rarely add new things these days. I spend every day reviewing whatever of my 6,539 words need attention. I haven’t had a break in 7 years (I usually try and keep up on holiday on whatever patchy wi-fi I can find but still come back to a mountainload). I could do with a Memrise holiday. And a lot of the literature on memory says the brain needs breaks to absorb all it’s learned. So I think it’s a healthy choice to have a Memrise holiday this year.

Oh and I almost forgot - I will actually be speaking Spanish on my trip to Colombia for the first time in years of learning! Although Spanish is only a fraction of what I use Memrise, actually speaking the language will be much better for my learning curve.

Apologies for rambling. Thanks for your input.