Quitting a course I created

So I created a course (just to experiment with the user interface) and then quit it. Now I’ve got no way of finding it again.

I’m guessing there should be a “courses created by me” option somewhere in my user profile, however I can’t seem to find one anywhere.

Can someone please help.

Hi @chrisberry1983 and welcome to the forum,

If you haven’t already looked here, you could try going to your dashboard on the web version and clicking on “Teaching” in the white drop down menu button (top right below your avatar). Some of the courses I experimented with still appear there in my account.


I’m guessing that you didn’t make your course ‘public’ but, if you did, you may be able to find it by scrolling to the bottom of the relevant main course selection index.

Failing that, I don’t know of any way - unless you made a note of the course url - or can find it in your web browsing history.

Good luck!

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The URL for the courses that a user has created is https://app.memrise.com/user/[name of user]/courses/teaching/
From there you can switch between the courses (s)he is learning and teaching by clicking the appropriate link on the top right (“learning” / “teaching”).

Yours taught courses are here:


That said, I don’t see a course that you would be teaching. Would it be possible that you actually deleted your course? Otherwise it should show up there.

Hi Olaf,

On my account, I have courses that show under “Teaching” in the dropdown menu shown in the image I posted that don´t show under the “Teaching” tab in my profile. I think the list in the profile area only shows ‘active’ courses.

I think the OP’s best hope is to find the course in the web browsing history.

Ah, yes, now that you wrote that, it’s the same here: I believe the “public” list only shows public courses, so Chris has a good chance that his course does show up for him. Due to the course not being public it won’t show up for us!
@chrisberry1983: can you confirm you see your course there?

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