Questions about introductory English (A1)

My questions about y English (A1)
Can I ask you a question, please:
Why is it: “I want to be alone” not “I want alone”.
I am Vietnamese.
Thank you so much!


alone is an adjective*.
I want cannot be followed by an adjective. However, it can be followed by a noun** or a verb*** in its infinitive form****. You can add to be to the beginning of alone to make it act like a verb (in its infinitive form).
Now you can use to be alone in the same way that you can use to eat or to walk.
I want to eat. I want to walk. I want to be alone.

*adjective - describes a noun
**noun - a thing word
***verb - a doing word
****infinitive form - using to, for example to eat and to walk


Thank you :heart:

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