Questions about Baas' courses

Hi @Baas,

I was doing my usual check on all the courses I support and these courses to which you made me a contributor are no longer showing.

Course Title > Course Author > Course Number

All’ Aeroporto (at the airport) Baas 68492
Basic Italian Baas 73138
Everyday activities Baas 106312
Household items and appliances Baas 106345
Italian Weather ~ il Tempo Baas 207536

I’ve searched by number and by title and then the courses against your name and I still can’t find them.

As I’ve put a lot of effort into adding bits and have really enjoyed learning and revising from them, along with over 100 others, I wonder if:

a) Have you made them hidden or have you deleted them for some reason?

b) Can you make them re-appear in their original state?

Hope you can help.


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Hey @DW7,

I took most of my “courses” and “word lists” down a couple of months ago, because I just don’t have the time to work on them, at least for the time being. I’m really overworked at my job and things won’t change anytime soon. Anyway, I’ve decided to put the courses you mentioned back online, as well as a couple of others with contributors, so they should all be up and running now. Please go to my profile page:

Thanks for your message,

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Many thanks @Baas, really appreciated.

I’ll have a look tomorrow and happy to deal with any enquiries.

Sorry to hear about your overload.

For information, I and a few others have been learning on those courses this month, so they will be as relieved as me that you’ve kindly reinstated them.

@Baas Ah yes, I was wondering if you would like to collaborate on an Arpitan course. I currently already have an Arpitan 1 course based on Memrise’s French course. I notice that you used some unconventional writing. For example the use of pörta instead of pôrta. Was this intentional? Anyway, I am also a learner of Arpitan and am curious about helping further your efforts. I hope you may reply soon.

I made a bunch of “courses” (including “Basic Arpitan”) and published them on Memrise many years ago. I’m a pretty self-taught linguist. About two years ago, I took them down and kept them offline until recently, when I felt it was time to get them back online, so that people could get inspired somehow and end up building their own courses - something better, greater, more challenging and more accurate. Unfortunately, I don’t have free time to work on my courses (expand them, correct them) or even work on new projects any longer. Thanks for your message. Good luck.


Oh! Well, I just want to let you know it was your course that inspired me to learn Arpitan and create Arpitan 1. I think that the work you do is very inspiring and I really love using your work in order to build a base for my knowledge and understanding. Life is very busy. Arpitan 1 took me a couple of weeks to finish given school work to do. Although we may not work together, I just want to leave you with that word. Thank you once again. :heart:


Good morning @baas, I think your collection of courses is amazing, and so good to have them by topic as an addition to the official MemRise courses.

I am currently working my way through the 7 courses of MemRise’s Italian before returning to these (and other Italian ones).

As you know I am supporting your English/ Italian ones and have mentioned that in the description, so if any issues come up, I can consider them and consult you, Baas, about them.

PS for information @sandslane and I support a lot of Italian > courses < by @roygbiv.

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@Baas - Just wondering, does your Basic Scots course include audio? I am trying to learn this language, but really need the audio piece to succeed! I started your course, but there appears to be no audio with it? Thanks, Caroline

Unfortunately, there is no audio available for “Basic Scots”. No one has ever offered to do the recordings. :pleading_face:

Thanks for your message,

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Hi Baas,

I know that you are very busy these days. Is it possible that you could provide links for some of your unlisted courses?

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I have one here for Volapük:

Hi @Baas, I just came across the course by @meneghis on Sranan Tongo:

In the course description, he or she mentions your course “Basic Sranan Tongo,” but I couldn’t find it. I guess it’s one of your courses that has been unlisted. Could you provide the link for it?

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Hey, @johnastsang, how are you?

Basic Sranan Tongo is up and running. :smiley:

Baas’s Basic Sranan Tongo on Memrise

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Hi Baas, so glad you are still around and supporting your great courses.

Thank you very much! It’s great to see you around! And I must say you’re an important contributor here on Memrise. Your courses may be short, but they’re well-designed and are decent introductions to lesser-known languages.

I wonder if one day you will re-list all your courses. It’s a pity that many of them are not available now (except for those who have already enrolled in the courses). If you need any help, just let me know. I’d be very happy to be a co-contributor, if you need someone to help fix any issues in the unlisted courses.

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