Questionable advertising

Yeah, so I’m normally very tolerant of advertising in free platforms. I get why it exists, and that’s fine. It keeps it free for everyone to use. Ads can sometimes be helpful, I’ve found a few products that have helped me out, so I am not saying BAN ALL ADS.

However, I have to wonder why things like the following are allowed to be advertised though.

(warning, semi Not-Safe-For-Work, hyperlinked so that it does not display in line)

Do not get me wrong, I am not criticising people who enjoy this type of “game”. It is, however, a softcore “game” that presents severely scantily clad anime women in suggestive poses with suggestive behaviour being advertised on a platform that is accessible to everyone, even children.

Please start vetting your advertising better, or put into place some age restriction controls. I sat through some seriously questionable political material recently from political parties who have members that openly endorsed murder of public officials (the UAP in Australia, for reference) but this on top of everything shows me that Memrise needs to check which ads are allowed in.

Apologies if this is not in the correct forum, but I can’t seem to find a “feedback and complaints” forum.


As far as I am aware the only advertising should be about MemRise.

Are they hidden in a course or profile?

This looks like a Google App Store issue not within MemRise.

Please clarify …

Please give them a link so @MemriseSupport can investigate.

It was at the end of a lesson, when ads typically pop up. It was a video ad, so there was a lot of fawning by a twitch streamer and a lot of anime moaning. It was very off-putting.

As far as a link goes, the best I can do is tell you where it showed up.

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I’m sorry you saw inappropriate ads. We do not choose the individual adverts displayed in the product, like almost every app we use an ad network, in our. case Google. We have set it up to not show adverts from many categories such as gambling and adult material.
However, we rely on the Google Ad Network to enforce this, if an unscrupulous advertiser submits an advert into the wrong category and it gets past Google’s filters then people will see it.
The only thing we can suggest is that you click the report button that’s in the corner of each advert and report it so that google can remove it


Do you mean that tiny almost invisible (i) icon in the bottom left of this picture?

If so, I will do that in future. I went on a very long campaign against duolingo for doing this very thing using ads that were selling scams by using famous Australian personalities, and I will have no compunctions about doing the same here. That is actually how I wound up on memrise, I ditched duolingo because of their shamelessly unfettered “advertising”.

I do, however, appreciate the response. I feel that a word to google about this from you, the ones supplying the ads on your very popular app, might go further than me clicking a button to report though. The power of the consumer is not as strong as the power of the gateway. Perhaps between my reporting and some words from the Memrise developers, something may be done about it.

Thanks kindly, and have a wonderful weekend.

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Hi Mephiston, yes the tiny icon is it I’m afraid.
We have raised this with Google in the past and they assure us they put a lot of money and effort into trying to filter inappropriate content, but unfortunately unscrupulous people can make a lot of money through these ads so they keep working on ways to get through the checks. But individual ads flagged by people do get escalated for further checks and are used to improve the system so it is a valuable exercise.


Hey, at least you guys were keen to try and do something about it, which I greatly appreciate. I will do my part and try to report advertisements. Thank you very much for your help and your correspondence. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

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Stop being a pearl clutching hyper offended weirdo. Everything is constantly getting more and more and more censored over time and it is because of people like you.


You are being very rude and dismissive and I do not appreciate it. Please stop if you have nothing to contribute to the topic other than aggression and insults.

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Sorry about this!

I also just wanted to link this FAQ, which contains step-by-step instructions on how to report ads on our platforms, should you need this again in the future:


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Fantastic, thank you kindly.