[question] Incorporating old course progress info into a newly joined group?

[Mystery solved]

I hope this isn’t the wrong place to ask, or too dim a question… I’m generally not verbose on forums and stuff, but here goes:

I only recently discovered there was a memrise forum and that, in fact, the groups feature isn’t some obscure thing to be utilised via technomancy (or only for pro-users, as I originally assumed). Once I’d realised this and saw a group titled German Motivation Group, I thought, ‘sure, why not?’ Now, I had already completed German 1 and am near through German 2, and the group covers both these, in addition to German 3 (which will be new to me)…

My question is this: Why aren’t courses you are already taking automatically incorporated into the group? Instead of doing this logical thing, I end up with a new, bare copy of German 1 and German 2 – is there a way to have the group courses acknowledge I’m already halfway through them?

Sorry if this has been explained elsewhere. I’ve never been great at hunting out answers on forums.

Oh, look, I worked out the problem myself in the end…

Reason my versions of German 1 and 2 weren’t automatically added to the group? Well, that’s because for some unbeknown reason there are two versions of both these courses (of all German 1-7, in fact), with very small differences between them, and the person who formed the group happens to have chosen the exact opposite versions of each course than I did. Mystery solved, and the issue was completely different from anything I would’ve guessed.

That’s… really stupid. It’s not like one is even marked British English and the other American English, or anything. Though it does explain why every time I see ‘pants’, I have to make a conscious effort to stop myself from writing ‘Hose’ (when they’re actually looking for the translation for ‘underwear’). I’ve scanned the word lists on these courses and, other than German 1’s two versions, they all look the same, pretty much, so whose bright idea was it to separate them?