Question about website

I’m using firefox
Why can’t I access the ommunity forum? Is there a problem?

Hello, latest change set terrible colour gamma, how can i change it back? Its really bad for eyes

Привет, man!(
I feel the same way as you do… I stopped using Memrise mobile app because of that theme change which is really ugly. Then that monstrosity had come to the website… and now to the exercise page!
Memrise team, what on Earth are you doing??
That’s it! As a full-stack web-dev, it seems that I’ll have to make my own app that will resemble of what Memrise once used to be… :frowning:


Most of Memrise bugs can be fixed in a week. You couldn’t have done it for months.
If I were you, I’d fire all of your front and android app devs :cry: Beause it’s such a shame that they do nothing to fix problems that have been reported by the community.

I can access the forum with Firefox without any problems. Neither have I had any over the past >20months.
This applies (presently) to FF Quantum, V. 67.0.2 (64-bit).

Not sure why @cma highjacked your thread. :smile:

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Im sorry i thought its like chat for all :slight_smile: