Question about language courses by user Baas

Hi there,

In the past I noticed that user Baas has hundreds of language courses, some of them are called Basic French, for example. But when I go to his account I can only find 38 available courses. Can somebody help me find the rest of the courses? Are these courses unlisted?


I’ll tag @Baas for you. He/she will receive a notification (unless [s]he blocked those) and hopefully checks out the thread. FWIW, I see that there’s “only” 38 courses on the “teaching” list, so this might be a different user.

Certainly, thanks for much. Indeed, he had over 100 courses available before, but he unlisted those maybe because some of the courses have errors. He has mentioned he has no time becauase he is overwhelmed bu his job.

This is very important for me