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Hi. I am having a problem with the pronunciation lessons in the latest version of the Android app. Every time I attempt a phrase, it says it’s wrong. Every time. Maybe I’m just really bad at pronunciation, but I feel like I’m getting at least some of them correct. The app plays back my recordings just fine.

This is happening in Japanese 1 and Japanese 2.


Is anyone going to respond?

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Same problem here…

I can absolutely in no way help with this issue, but I am here to commiserate (so you know someone’s listening, even if they’re not anyone important). I’m Scottish, and what you describe is basically what happens when I have to interact with any piece of voice recognition software ever. Very frustrating.

I’m surprised none of the actual important people (mods/developers, etc) have come to respond. Though they may get snitty at me for saying so, support’s a bit wonky for Memrise.

I hope your problem gets solved. Japanese is hard and knowing if you’re pronunciation’s on the right track can only be helpful.

Something you can try out instead of memrise:

  1. Open Google Translate and put on the microphone;
  2. Start speaking in the language you are trying to learn how to pronounce;
  3. Watch the words appear on screen :slight_smile:

It works for me if I speak Swedish to it, at least. When my pronunciation goes wonky, it starts writing rubbish :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Check out the website “Audacity”. I haven’t used it myself yet, but apparently it is BRILLIANT for helping you perfect your pronunciation.

That first is a pretty good idea. I hadn’t thought of that… though I imagine, as ever, it will find me unintelligible if I ‘try’ to speak English, lol. Might do me some good on my French, though. If I can make my mic work, that is.

When you say Audacity, I assume you’re not speaking of the open-source audio editor? I can’t think of anything else with that name. Do you perhaps have a link to this pronunciation aid? You do not want to know what even a weak-accented Scot trying to speak French sounds like (like I’m drowning in a bowl of chunky soup, probably).

edit: I should go to bed (even though it’s not even eight yet). I just tried to flag myself and delete my word-vomit just reaching for the pencil icon. Clearly the dumbs have me now…

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Thank you, I’ll try that!

Are any mods going to respond to this?

I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.

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And here we are two years later, it hasn’t been fixed, devs haven’t responded, and my spouse can’t even access the course for some unknown reason. All of you should be fired!

It doesn’t seem this has been addressed by the staff so, in hopes someone sees it, I’m also having this issue. At first I thought it was me, but then I tried it against Google and a native speaker and it failed both of them as well… I know it is specifically an issue in the Japanese course because I’ve been brushing up my German and it understands and grades me just fine. Is there a way this feature can be looked into?

As an English speaker, or really any western language native, having a good idea on where I stand in my pronunciation is sort of one of those things I think a lot of us feel is important. I can read the language all I want, but it won’t make a difference if no one can understand me.

I actually tried your advice. And guess what? It worked! Google Translate understood more what I’m saying than Memrise!

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Glad to hear it!

Hi all,

Just to let you know that this issue is being worked on (internal code PLAT-7316). We can see that the problem is occurring mainly with the Japanese and German courses, but if you are experiencing it elsewhere, please do let us know the course/item(s).

Thanks for your patience,
Memrise team


Spanish, mexico 1 course.

Llamarse is not accepted in pronunciation.

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Same with French 1 and 2.