Pronunciation feature is not working properly anymore

Pronunciation feature was working properly before but not anymore. I’m back learning Portuguese after a few month break and i’m really surprised it’s not working anymore. My girlfriend is native Portuguese and the app keeps telling her the pronunciation is not good enough (on the same words the app tells me it’s wrong). That’s a pity.
Please come back to last year’s version which was working properly!

Are you referring to the EN->PT course?

If that’s the case, your posting would be better off here:

Let me know if the course is right, in which case I could just move your posting there.

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Yes I am referring to the EN–>PT course but it is an official memrise course so why does not it belong where I put it? :thinking:

It’s not that it doesn’t belong here, it’s rather that you have a better chance of getting answers in the right forum thread, particularly as the Memrise staff (or language specialist) usually participate in those threads.

Since there’s now several postings in this thread here, I won’t move everything over to the other thread, so I’d suggest you re-post your query there.

Oh ok got it. There is a global thread dealing with all specifics request. The category is the right one, it’s just that I should post within this specific thread. Thanks for your advice, I’ll do it.

Yes to both. It’s really only about the visibility/reach of your own posting!

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I’ve also posted about this. I skip the Pronunciation segments entirely. They’re useless.


Thank you for flagging this! We’re looking into this!


I’m experiencing this too. I noted some phrases I had particular trouble with, especially ones where the iOS speech to text could understand me perfectly. They were:

  • um democrata; uma democrata
  • um republicano; uma republicana
  • os democratas têm um excelente líder
  • um primeiro-ministro; uma primeira-ministra
  • um rei
  • há um rei nos Estados Unidos?
  • um político; uma política
  • um passo
  • a guerra nunca é necessária
  • uma lei

Those are the ones where the iOS dictation feature understood me just fine, but I ran out of tries on Memrise trying to get it to recognise me. Anecdotally I could swear it has a real problem with the word “uma”.

Hope that’s at all helpful. Just reporting that the pronunciation feature is not in a great place at the moment because it flags words as difficult when they really aren’t. :woman_shrugging: