Pronunciation: Bad user interface

In the Pronunciation lessons, when you get a pronunciation wrong, the app has a bad user interface.

When things are going well, the giant button in the middle is the “start recording” and “end recording” button. However, once you get one wrong, it switches to a “playback” button and a new “start recording” button is created on the side. First, it’s bad UI design to have an element change function to something else and have a new element take on the old function. Second, when the learner is struggling with a pronunciation, their attention is focused on the word/language and they’re even less ready/able to keep up with the contortions of a dynamically changing interface.

So often, when I get one wrong, I don’t need to hear my playback - I know I said it wrong. I need to hear the native speaker again. Right after listening to the native speaker, I’m ready to try again and I press the middle button and start talking (I’m usually not even looking at the phone, I’m staring off into space focusing on the sounds), only to have my attempt thrown back in my face with a recording of my own voice, no less. (Everyone’s own voice already sounds weird / uncomfortable to them, because it’s now how it sounds to you when you speak.) To already be struggling and to have your effort rudely rejected without even being considered (recorded / tested), is frustrating. I’m likely to just close the app and never finish the lesson / day’s goals.

The middle button should only ever be the “start record” / “end record” button. The new button that appears should have the new function: “playback”.