Pronouncing ㅁ correctly

So the letter ㅁ is supposed to be close to the English M sound. However most of the time the ㅁ sounds more like a B sound to me. It definitely has a pop to the beginning of the letter which we don’t make in English.

Going to a pronunciation website like this one:

Every one of the pronunciations on there you can clearly hear the pop at the beginning of the ㅁ.

So my question is how do you actually pronounce it? For the last week I’ve been trying every way I can get my mouth to form it. I cannot reproduce that sound. Is it inhaled or something?

ㅁ makes the “M” sound. Maybe the “pop” you’re hearing is the stressed syllable? For example, you stress the first syllable in CONcert. The word “물” is usually stressed in Korean so maybe you’re hearing the stressed vowel.

I think you are focusing on its pronunciation too much and confusing yourself in the process. It is simply the same as M. I am sure you are pronouncing it just fine but overthinking it :slight_smile:

Actually at the beginning of a word ㅁ makes both an M and a B sound (if you stress an M sound it sounds like a B). Likewise at the beginning of a word ㅂ sounds like a Spanish P sound (no puffs of air) or the P in “spat” and ㅍ sounds like the P in “Pat”. Similar properties exist for ㄴ -> ㄷ -> ㅌ and ㄱ -> ㅋ. Otherwise between vowels they sound like the romanized letters :slight_smile:

They don’t have stressed syllables in Korean.