Progress unintended reset?

So I’m progressing slowly but surely through Japanese, on lesson 18 of 22. A couple of days ago I noticed it going through some words I’d learned earlier in the lesson, but the progress flowers were nonexistent like it was the first time I’d encountered the words. Now looking back over the course progress, it says I’ve only learned ~50 words of the entire course, which was definitely much higher before this reset! It also shows all my previous lessons as being incomplete, with only a tiny fraction of the progress circle whereas before they were fully completed.

I haven’t gone in to change any settings recently, only ever log into it on my mobile and certainly did not intend to reset my progress in any way. Has something been broken on a recent update of the app?

  • Your device make and model pixel 7 Pro
  • OS version 13
  • Memrise app version 2023.07.19.0


Is this an official Memrise course? They are moving official courses to the new platform, so it probably has something to do with the relocation. But I’m not sure, just my educated guess.

As far as I’m aware it was an official course, didn’t even know it did “unofficial” courses to be honest!

It’s tricky. To see unofficial (user created) courses you should log in on the desktop, go to the “courses” section and choose your language. Then add a course (start learning a few items), it’ll appear on your page in the app.


I do think this is about an official Memrise course, most probably this one:

@craigdevine it is generally helpful if to post a link to the course in question. On the course’s main page, you’ll also see (near the top right) who created the course (Memrise in this case).

As for the “community courses” (i. e. courses not created by Memrise but rather the community), you’ll see these mixed with “official” Memrise courses when you do a search.
Here’s a search for EN-JP courses.
For each of the courses you’ll see who created them; Memrise courses will be at the top, after that the list should be sorted by popularity (most learners first).

FWIW, a while ago someone else seems to have had the same problem, read → this thread.

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Konnichiwa Craig,
Sorry to hear about the loss of your progress!
Our team of engineers recently merged in our database the romaji words with the the full-script Japanese words (since they’re different representations of the same word), while being careful to still allow the Memrise learners to learn both separately, and although we took precautions against loss of progress, it seems that loss of progress occurred nonetheless!
I’ll look into the issue, I’m pretty sure we will be able to restore your progress on the romaji words.
Sorry for the disruption,
Alexis, Memrise employee

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On the website (here) your course displays the right amount of progress (348 / 477 words and phrases learned) so I think this is a syncing issue between your Android device and our database - this can be fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

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Ah brilliant, thank you! I’ll give it a go reinstalling the app shortly, hopefully it’s that simple :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s interesting Alexis.

Have you seen my similar old problem about the App not showing the completed levels?

Web and Android App do not synchronise fully after “auto learning”- a bug

Hey DW7 - thanks for your continued support on this forum,

Yes, it’s the same bug. You’ll be notified on the original thread when that gets fixed.

All the best!

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