Progress lost when quitting a course

Memrise states specifically that

"Quitting will not wipe your learning history, but will remove it entirely from your dashboard. You can re-join the course to restore your progress at any point, but you will need to find it again in “Courses”. Are you sure you would like to quit?

However, after rejoining after quitting, all my progress has been lost.
Any clue as to how to restore my progress?

According to this posting, you shouldn’t have lost your progress.

I’ll tag @alanh, maybe he knows what could’ve gone wrong.

I think I know what could have happened. I just took a look at your user-profile, @BirdConAlas88. If the course in question is French 1 or Spanish (Spain) 3, then you’ll see that those both show up twice. For instance:


Memrise has some courses where I have seen this. Presumably, there is an old and a new version, but these here are identical in their “thumbnail appearance” and thus very easy to mix up.

@MemriseSupport: any pointers as to why there is no additional description (like “old course 2018” / “new course 2020”) in the course’s title?


Hi @BirdConAlas88, sorry for any confusion.

It looks like you’re learning both French 1 for English UK and French 1 for English US. Unfortunately there is no easy way to identify which one is which I’m afraid. I’ll forward your feedback to the relevant teams.

You should be able to find your progress on one of them. :slight_smile: Feel free to quit the one with no progress.

Just to confirm, the content in both courses is pretty much the same, but some items are different in terms of words/spelling (e.g. jumper vs sweater, color vs colour) and they may contain different sentences according to context (e.g. je suis anglais/e vs je suis américain/e).

I hope this clears any confusion.

Best wishes,
Memrise team.


Hi Olaf,

It looks like you have identified the likely problem. I just tested it with one of my courses and everything worked ok.

Not sure why the OP’s learning history was lost. The two versions of the French 1 course have different urls. If the url of the course which was quit was subsequently entered, the course and its’ learning history should have reappeared, once some activity on the course was undertaken.


@MemriseSupport: just in case you missed this: @BirdConAlas88 actually has two (seemingly!) identical French courses and two Spanish courses on his/her list. Which leads to the conclusion that there are more official courses that only differ in a few words/phrases due to being geared at i. e. American vs. British English. These should carry that bit of information right in their title (and description) so one can find/pick the right course! This isn’t the case here, hence your customers might start learning a course teaching American English and get British English instead (or Spanish vs. Mexican Spanish, etc.) and only find out about this when they’re half way through the course.

This should definitely be fixed and it’s actually pretty easy as it’s just about changing the courses’ titles and their description (provided you guys have a means of know which is which!).

Got it, thank you all for your help!