Progress lost in Japanese 1 course

Hello. Was enjoying the course quite a lot. Today I noticed a significant part of my progress was lost. It’s back to where it was several days ago. Is this temporary or should I do something rational like uninstalling the app and sobbing in a corner (in Japanese)?

Hi, are you using the mobile app or website?
If it’s the app please can you check how it looks on the website?
If the progress is fine on the website but not on the app then I’d recommend logging out of the app and back in, which will make it refresh the progress from the server

I am using the app, but I checked the website and it’s the same. I already logged out of the app several times.

Some more details (in case they help): I was very close to completing section 10 (At a Restaurant). Went back to the menu to see how much more left before I got a full progress wheel and saw my progress was back in the middle of section 4 (Likes & Interests). I use the app several times a day and I frequently change courses (without quitting them). So far I never had any problems. Progress in other courses seems to be where I left it. I have tried logging out and back in several times and also uninstalling and reinstalling the app a couple of times. Website progress matches the app.

And a question: If I mark all words in a section as “known”, does that mean they will never again appear in future reviews?

やっほー, xagodes!
Nothing happened recently in our systems that would explain this. We indeed migrated a lot of user progress a week ago, but the fact this happened to you yesterday makes this quite mysterious.
Until we find the source of this bug, I’ve manually ignored and unignored the first 60% of your words in Level 10 - At a Restaurant - Japanese 1 - Memrise, that marks them as “fully grown”, which means you won’t need through the learning stage with those, but still will review them.

Regarding your question about what happens when marking a word as “known”: it won’t come back in review. As I mentioned, if you just want to skip the learning step and have it come back in review, you can ignore and then unignore the word :wink:

Sorry you had this annoying thing happen to you,
Best of luck in your learning! 頑張ってね!:muscle:

Thank you for your time and help. ありがとうございます。