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I’ve uploaded a new profile picture, but it seems it just doesn’t want to “load”? Any idea why? Here’s a screenshot:

Possibly the same bug that is currently preventing images in mems from being saved.

Let’s ask @Joshua.


Uploading profile pictures doesn’t seem to be broken. I created a new account and was able to change the profile picture.

Maybe the image you want to use is not supported or is in the wrong format.

Could you upload the image here so we can have a look?


could it be to big?

Here it is .

@Vaclav_Novak ~ I was able to upload your picture into my profile successfully.

I and my friends still see it like the screenshot I sent you.

@Vaclav_Novak ~ I am sorry to hear that. Both myself and @Joshua did not seem to have an issue.

Maybe you could try to upload a different picture just to see if you can do it successfully. If you can’t do it twice, then maybe there is an issue besides just the image itself. If you are able to do it, then maybe it is something to do with the original image (sizing perhaps ?).

Try a different picture first though to see what happens. Please let us know what the results are.

Edit: what extension does the image you are trying to upload contain ?

is it .png or .jpg or something along those lines ?

I was able to find the problem.

The “á” in your username was the cause of this error. I’ve manually changed your profile picture, and reported this bug to the web developers.

If you want to change your profile picture, you’ll need to remove the “á” from your username, then add it back after changing profile picture.

Or you can change your username to “Vaclav_Novak” instead.


Thank you so much for posting that solution here!

I have been having the same problem lately, and the solution was very much in removing the Japanese in my username, re-uploading, saving, and then adding it back in.

Thanks kindly Joshua! I have finally been able to remove that white box from my page! :wink:

Glad to hear its fixes your problem. :penguin:


I was really confused about this. My name was written entirely in Greek characters, so that was the problem. Huh.

It seems effectively to be a bug occuring when the username as one or more special characters in it.
Mine is “MichaëlPolla” (notice the ë), but when I tried to change my profile picture, nothing showed, alhough it said “changes saved”.
I temporarily changed my username to “MichalPolla” (note that “MichaelPolla” was considered the same username as with the ë), and I was able to update my picture.

After that, I changed back to my original username without any problem.

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Hi guys.
How do I upload a picture within the android app?
The one I uploaded here, at the forum, doesn’t show in the app. Before, it automatically showed the old picture I have in my Google account. I deleted it but I am unable to upload a new one, it only seems to be possible to TAKE a new picture within the app. It is as the app cannot have access to the image gallery. I checked the app settings - app permissions in the phone and there is nothing there to change, no button any gallery access.

Hi Joanna,

It’s not possible to do it within the app. You need to do it in your settings in the web version of your Memrise account (not your forum account) and it will then sync to the app version.