Problems with the translations in the official German courses

In German 2, the words “beginnen” and “anfangen” both have the exact same english translation: “to begin; to start”. But when it asks me to translate into german it will only accept one of the two words. Both beginnen and anfangen should be accepted and I should’t have to guess which word fits each time.
Also, in German 1 “in the morning” translates into “am Morgen”, but in German 4 it translates into “morgens”. I accidently wrote “morgens” instead of “am Morgen” and now it’s a difficult word, even though I clearly remember it. Both translations should work for both courses.

Thank you in advance!

There is a course forum for the official Memrise German course here.
It’s best to report errors there.

Thank you! I’ve moved my question there

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