Problems with the set-up of the otherwise very helpful course "ithi" for learning Hindi

Hi, I just finished the first round of the “ithi” Memrise online course by Brocco_Lee30. Thanks for creating it, it’s the only course for Hindi currently available, and I found it useful, but I did have two problems with it.

1: the title “ithi” doesn’t help when using the search feature for a course in Hindi. Is it possible to re-name the course: “Hindi: ithi”?

2: the exercises ask for the HINDI version of the ITALIAN word, when - after trial and error - I discovered that what the program really wants is the ITALIAN word for the HINDI version.

Thanks! I’ll be sure to use it, again! Star

you mean the only Italian courses for learning Hindi?

(the “programme” does not want the italian words, this is how) the course creator set the course, willingly. Probably he (or maybe she) has problems with typing Devanagari Hindi (I have such problem as well, I can understand him…)

I don’t understand why one should look for Hindi courses using as tag "“ithi”… Change the language you “speak” from the drop down menu on the left side of your dashboard. Then choose the courses youre looking for from the menu under the “I speak…”

the result of such action for Hindi from English would be: I wish you luck, Hindi is a (very) difficult language, and Memrise is not the best tool for learning it…

Thanks for replying. I am bilingual, so it’s not an issue of learning Hindi in English or Italian. The course title is, for some reason, “ithi” (I can’t find it in my online Shabdkosh or online dictionaries, and it didn’t appear in a general Google search or Google Translate, so I can’t tell you what it means).

Yeah, I see what you mean. When I input the requested Hindi answers in Roman characters, but the right answers, it seemed to take it, but now I’m not so sure. For the answers in devanagari, he/she needs to add a devanagari keyboard to the screen, like the devanagari online course has, otherwise it takes so long to go to another site to do it, copy, and paste.

I just did the other Hindi course online, the whole devanagari symbol and sound recognition course, and it works just fine.

Both are helpful.

I wanted to do the 1000 word Hindi words online course, too, but it - alas - has disappeared.

Thanks so much for listening, Star