Problems with Streak

(Profiler7866) #1

Hello to all. Today I made my fifteenth Streak but to my great surprise, instead of assigning me the Streack completed and was brought back to 0. How can I do? Do not tell me I have lost forever the results of 15 consecutive days? If that were the case then it is better to let it all go. Thanks I await your advice!

(Lien) #2

Oh dear, luckily nothing is forever :slight_smile:
If you forward me the title of the course for which you lost your streak, I’ll fix it for you!
Speak soon,

(Hopeful ) #3

I have got another problem - I haven’t learned anything yet but I have all my daily goals complete. But the count of the steaks is yeasterday’s. I can’t monitor if I have completed the goal or not today. I don’t want to lose my streak of 100! It should have been done today…

(Profiler7866) #4

Thank you very much!
The course is “English beginner and intermediate”

(Lien) #5

:unicorn: Have a look now :unicorn:

(Profiler7866) #6

Thank you so much for the interest and for having solved the problem. Now everything is fine !! Have a good day!

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(Mamorutousagi66) #7

Hello, I have an issue that when I get to the 11th streak of each language (accept Russian), they get number “12”, but after midnight system sets them to level “0”. It happened to me twice already, could you please find a solution and explain to me why it happened? It does not motivate me…