Problems with Arabic course

( i’m not even sure that the development team is reading this or not )
The official Arabic course is not good at all not gonna lie
I completed 3 courses out of 6 or 7 I think
I think they abandoned this language
Because I used this app 3 month’s and then I deleted my real account because there’s nothing new for this language

  1. No learn with locals
  2. No immerse
  3. Audio of some words are not correct for example جائع the audio of this word is not correct there are more words with wrong pronounceatin
  4. In real life nobody speaks MSA ( you guys should create a official emirati or Saudi or Kuwaiti dialect course just like Spanish Mexico and Spain
  5. The community created courses are not good

One thing noticed that the development team only care about Spanish and French language
And always add new things for these language’s

Seriously I really like this app and I know development team work very hard
But first you guys should improve the language instead of redesigning the web and the app
this app teached me a lot
Please improve Arabic language

( i specifically created this new ID so I can report and give feedback )

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