Problems - Teach Yourself Complete Arabic

My Problems stem from input abilities in the Memrise Course #105744 “Teach Yourself Complete Arabic” with course link below:

There are multiple course issues, including:

  1. When reviewing material, there is no keyboard for Arabic characters and no special character keyboard, so even when typing the exact possible latin-letter transliteration for this course, multiple vocabulary items show wrong because no Arabic characters.
  2. Word order restriction with multiple translations not allowing points for exact terms but in reverse order, or partial points for one term if multiple translations exist
  3. When reviewing on Android app and have to put in the bubble select characters including Arabic, the entry is from Right to Left, which makes sense for the Arabic characters, but you are also forced to put in the Latin characters in the same order, though you would read them from left to right. This causes confusion.

In all, I think this could be a great first course to get learners accustomed to the transliteration next to the Arabic characters before the official Memrise (and most other Arabic courses) that only have the Arabic characters.

See example below. I would upload more systematic errors, but as this is my first post, as a New User I’m only allowed to upload a single photo.

About the keyboard part, why not download the Arabic keyboard on your computer?

Fair enough. I suppose the frustration grew out of the desire to start with transliteration and work into full Arabic alphabet courses, as I also find the law of harokat vowel diacritics in the Memrise official course difficult for a complete beginner like myself. The fact that this course didn’t start this way with requirements for all words / phrases being both was also frustrating. The mobile platform for this course behaves differently, but Arabic characters are so small on my mobile device that I prefer the web platform for Arabic. Anyway, thank you for the kind suggestion.

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