Problems in TOEIC course

Dear Whom may it concerns,

I am currently learning Essential 800 words for TOEIC (

But I have a problem. I can’t hear anything mp3 from website Memrise. I tried use another computer but it did not work.

In Memrise in iOS, everything is normal, I can hear sounds of word.

I don’t know why? or I miss something in my computer

Thank you in advance

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Are you able to play mp3 from other webites?
It could be a secuity settings, that doesn’t allow playing from a third party website. The courses are hosted on, but the mp3 on couldhost or something like that. Perhaps need to put that into the exceptions?

Let’s me check again. Everything works well with your computer, doesn’t it?
I have only problems with this course, but another course is fine.
Update: I update the images that I can’t load file mp3 completely