Problem with Yiddish keyboard

Know my Yiddish spelling, but when I type from the keyboard provided it keeps saying I made typo errors.

Can you provide a link to the course you are using?

The creator of the course sets the keyboard, and there may be an issue with the characters entered which leads to the ‘typos’, so the first step is to try and contact the creator.

Are there specific characters you have a problem with?

Here is the link:
The letters are the final nun and the samekh.
Any help would be greatly appreciated because the course is an excellent

The creator of the course rklionsk doesn’t seem to be active on these forums.

The question is - is it a problem with the keyboard characters, or characters in the answers? They may look the same, but aren’t recognised as the same by Memrise if they are different codes hence the typos.

@MemriseMatty can you help?

It’s definitely the action of the keyboard. The letters are the same as
the Microsoft Word Hebrew keyboard with which I’m familiar. I can work
around this and I’m going to stick with it, but it’s a shame, because the
program is great for what I want.
RJ Ruble

I have the following similar problem: on the virtual keyboard there is no button for the letter “פּ” (pey). There are, however, two identical buttons for the letter “פ” (fey). The only difference is that little dot inside the letter.

As a consequence, I’m unable to write certain words correctly, thus to complete the course lessons.

Is there anybody who could offer some help for this?

edit: this is the course: “Chassidish Yiddish Complete (with some audio)”

Yiddish - Memrise created by yaakov.nadler
“For Sure!” is translated as אַװדאי : with the colon and the tsvey vovn as a single character (as indicated by its being smaller than the other characters), which does not appear on the provided keyboard. Anyone know if this person is still active and able to fix?